Children & Youth


Children & Youth Ministries

We are committed to the spiritual growth and fellowship of our members and have created a variety of ministries to assist in their development and walk with Christ.

Daycare & Preschool

As one of the oldest church-owned daycare and preschools in the city, New Hope has years of experience equipping children ages 6 weeks to K-4 with educational and spiritual knowledge. We have state-of-the-art facilities at both our southwest and South Avaondale locations and follow the prestigious ABEKA curriculum with convenient hours of 6:30am to 6:00pm

Herman Stone
Mass Choir

Named after New Hope’s beloved former pastor, this choir features the dynamic voices of the youth up to ages 17. Every second Sunday, our young people bring the church to its feet with spirited performances of contemporary, uplifting songs that offer praise to God with a youthful flair.

Silent Voices Dance

Every second Sunday, this group of lively young people perform dramtic interpretations of inspirational songs and do so with the grace of a dancer and the precision of a soldier.

Youth Ushers

The youth at New Hope play an important role in our church services. Every second Sunday, they serve as ushers, escorting church attendees to their seats and assisting with services.

College & Young Adult Ministry

Focusing on making a profound change of conditions in society by committing to personally “BE” the change. Overthrowing evils in society by teaching the word of God and reaching the multitudes of young adults and college students who are thirsty to hear it. A REVOLUTION only comes after RESOLUTION.

New Hope Baptist Ministries

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