Education & Fellowship


Education & Fellowship Ministries

We are committed to the spiritual growth and fellowship of our members and have created a variety of ministries to assist in their development and walk with Christ.

Hope City

Hope city is church for the youth, by the youth. Its motto is “All the way turned up for Jesus” and is a lively weekly church service designed to meet the spiritual needs to your people. Led by Rev. Corey Shealy, assistant to the pastor, the service takes place every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Attendees get instruction on how to live for Christ, participate in provocative discussions and take part in activities designed to keep them excited about their Christian walk.

Children's Church

At New Hope we know that children are a heritage of God and understand the importance of training them well. Every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. children participate in their own church service where the Gospel is taught on their level. They experience dynamic teaching and share in activities and discussions specific to their needs.

Annual Scholarship Presentation

Every year, since 1995, New Hope awards $10,000 in scholarships to our deserving high school seniors and college freshmen. We have a strong commitment to investing in the future of our young people an want to make sure that financial needs does not hinder their ability to get a quality education.

New Hope Baptist Ministries

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